With a thrilling cache of properties, from personal homes and private compounds to small hotels, BoutiqueHomes is a unique hybrid vacation rental site – a collection of magnificent properties, by invitation only, fused with an illustrated travel guide, documenting unbeaten paths for modern-day nomads who “Travel by Design.”

First and foremost, BoutiqueHomes does the legwork for like-minded travelers – lovers of style and design – who don’t have the time or inclination to sift through thousands of listings on other sites, looking for that special property. BoutiqueHomes’ quality over quantity approach is what sets it apart, with a dedication to original design, dramatic locations and unique experiences for the traveler looking to book a vacation or holiday.

Exciting categories on our Journal reflect all our passion by including Conversations, Hot + Cool, and Travel by Design, highlighting noted architects and designers from around the world, such as Benjamin Cox, Herbert Kreisler, R.F Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright and many young talented new faces of listed properties available for booking. Most unusual of all is the Found category, which details interesting and unique pieces found in various vacation rentals around the world, furniture and the like, adding even more to the personal experience offered by the site.

With our hybrid approach to all things travel, we believe BoutiqueHomes has undisputedly pulled together an array of sophisticated and exciting possibilities into a single vacation rental site, one that celebrates the art of travel while catering to those who have the highest of standards for their holiday and travel experiences. A collection of stylish, modern and unique vacation rentals favors “quality over quantity”, because it’s not about square footage or fancy zip codes. Rather, we’re looking for thoughtful design and personal touches.

This is the better way to travel. Welcome to BoutiqueHomes.


Why are we re-thinking hospitality?

We feel that we are not alone in our passion for design and travel, or, in our desire to stay in visually stylish properties that are as heartwarming as they are different, with a genuine sense of place. Think of really small hotels with no traditional ‘front desk’. Don’t they need a new name and a new way of finding them?



Why list your property in BoutiqueHomes?

BoutiqueHomes sets your home apart and endorses your property as selected, special and trusted. Within our limited collection, your property will be easily found and seen. Not buried. Because you will be joining an invite-only collection of carefully curated properties which share the same aesthetic of architecture, design, and style.
And this results in a clientele of like-minded travelers who appreciate and care for your home like it’s their own. It will be refreshing to get inquiries from travelers who really appreciate good design and good architecture.



As a team, Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler have been designing, building and decorating hotels and vacation homes for over 15 years. From Verana in the jungle to Far Meadow in the High Sierras we have built vacation homes from the ground up and welcomed guests from around the world. So when we select vacation homes and small hotels to showcase on Boutique-Homes, we choose based on our experience and aesthetics. Boutique-Homes is our personal collection, handpicked by us – for you.

Vivianne Lapointe from LiveFAST Magazine interviews Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler

Editor Katya Tylevich writes about BoutiqueHomes