Coastal Cottages

The Bracy House in Cape Neddick, Maine, was built in 1890 by local resident Horace Bracy. It remained in his family for generations all the way until 2015, when it was discovered by Traci Roloff — an architect and textile company founder. She restored the cottage and gave it a contemporary look fit for modern country living.

Inside this New England cottage, we discovered a picture of another cottage and became curious about the story behind it. Traci shared that the picture was taken by her photographer friend, Bob O’Connor, who also took the photographs of her house. She says: “Bob and I share a love of simple forms so I wanted to have some of his work in our home.”

The photograph is of one of the “Flower Cottages” that are located in Truro, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, and therein lies the story…

In the mid-1910s, Joseph A. Days had a dream: he wanted to move his home in Provincetown to the beach. He wanted to buy “a bunch of sand” by a deserted road, a road that would later become Route 6. Of course, the people of Provincetown thought he was crazy.

In the fall of 1930, Joseph and his crew began construction. What was supposed to be five cottages turned into a row of 23. Each one included a bathroom, full kitchen, two bedrooms, a small living room with fireplace, and an open-air porch overlooking the water. It was the perfect little summer community. Dressed in green and white paint, every one of them was named after a flower. The new cottages were first rented out in 1933 and, as the years went by, Days’ Cottages became known all over New England as a tourist attraction, bringing a lot of visitors, and even a few artists.

After 45 years of watching his creation blossom, Joe passed away, leaving the business to his son Bernard who modernized and ran it for 14 years, then he left it to his son Joe. After 87 years of the cottages being both, a resort and a tourist attraction they are now a condominium colony that still holds on to its iconic look.

Bracy HouseBracy HouseBracy HouseBracy HouseBracy HouseBracy House


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