Corsica ferry

Corsica Ferry

Approaching a destination by boat has always been one of our favorite experiences. On our last trip to the Isle of Beauty, we decided to take the Corsica ferry from Marseille to Bastia. We highly recommend approaching this wonderful island this way.



The boat left Marseille at 7pm, just enough daylight to enjoy the vanishing city at sunset, then a drink at the bar, and afterwards dinner and time on the deck looking up at the sky and down at the rolling waves. In the far distance, first a little dot on the horizon and as you get closer the place takes shape and the excitement gets its full play. You are there, almost there and most of the time it’s not a straight line. The boat takes its time while it moves along the coastline, and you get to see the land like on an enormous wide screen moving in front of you.

The cabins are modern, cozy, and it feels good to go to bed knowing when you wake up in the morning  you will peek out the porthole and see Corsica at sunrise. Breakfast in Bastia. We felt we made the right decision to ‘conquer’ the island.

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Corsica ferry


Corsica ferry


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