blue horse farm

The Blue Horse Farm: A place to reconnect

The Blue Horse Farm, or Das Blaue Pferd, in Ruppiner Seenland, Germany, is a reminder that a property in any form can be, and often is, an expression of one’s ideals. This is what we like about this enchanting farmhouse owned by Berlin-based artist Elisophie Eulenburg, restored and repurposed into a haven for rest, discovery, resourcing, and sharing.

An hour north of Berlin, near the quiet village of Zehdenick, on the border of the Schorfheide national park, the Blue Horse Farm is a home for vacations, art residences and workshops. Elisophie admits that she was inspired by the creative freedom offered by the space, a spacious courtyard framed by four listed buildings that felt a little like a village square or a monastery garden.

Blue Horse Farm Blue Horse Farm

Blue Horse Farm

The idea behind the Blue Horse Farm speaks towards her philosophy of interaction and connection: to combine urban culture with the merits of the countryside, and to support an exchange between the city and its surroundings. The houses have been carefully restored with respect for the history of the space, and all the furnishings were found in attics and cellars, upcycled or repaired, putting sustainability front and center. Elisophie also designed and made her own furniture on-site: whimsical pieces that combine clean cuts of wood with whittled branches, modern with rustic, and pops of paint against natural finishes.

Blue Horse Farm

Blue Horse farm

There is a utopian feel to this venue of artistic expression and recreation. The cavernous barn is now a space for rehearsals, workshops, cinema, music, dance, or theater. Attics have been turned into studios, and there are quiet rooms for writing. The surrounding land is home to fruit trees, flowers and a vegetable garden.

The artist-in-residence program has already hosted an array of talent. The comings and goings of artists has enriched the cultural life of this sparsely populated lake district with exhibitions and a variety of events. Income from vacation rentals is used to promote cultural events and residences on the farm.

The Blue Horse Farm is a place to find creativity, community, and to experience somebody’s own little slice of perfect. Come here to reconnect rather than disconnect. To stay at the Blue Horse Farm, click here.

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