Veneto Country House

The Field of Vases

Veneto Country House in Venice, Italy, has a remarkable collection of curious art, treasures and furnishings from around the world. Found throughout the house, inside and outside, the collection of vases is not to be missed.

We talked to Stefania Gastaldo, the owner, and found the coolest story behind these gems. “My husband and I were visiting Barcelona, in Spain,” she remembers, “and of course we had to go to an antique market. There, my husband saw few of these vases being sold by a Spanish man. It was always a dream of my husband’s to have some of those antique vases in the garden of our antique house near Venice.”

The Spanish man told them that he had been collecting the vases for many years and that he kept them in a field near Madrid. So a few weeks later Stefania and her husband jumped on a plane to go see the very special “Campo de Jarras”, or Field of Vases.

“When we saw the field,” says Stefania, “we were totally in love and ended up buying all of them: 250 vases of different size, shape and color. We organized a big truck to Italy, and when it arrived at our house we invited all our friends to help us empty the truck and put the vases in our garden.”

Of course, many of their friends fell in love with the vases as well. So Stefania and her husband only kept the ones they needed to decorate their garden and house, and the others continued their travels.

Most of the vases are from Spain, made out of clay and more than 100 years old. They were originally used to keep wine and oil, and many of them have a hole on the side that was used to pour its content. They are now used as decorations, but we are sure their story will continue to be told.


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